How BRAUZZ. used Converge to track 100% of subscriptions

BRAUZZ. offers sustainable cleaning products that are used in thousands of households across Europe. They are a rapidly scaling DTC brand operating on Shopify Plus, with a significant portion of their orders coming from subscriptions.


Accurate Subscription tracking


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"Knowing Converge has us covered at all times helps us to stay focused on scaling the business"

"Knowing Converge has us covered at all times helps us to stay focused on scaling the business"

Ruben Renaer, Co-Founder, BRAUZZ.


  • The Meta CAPI is not natively integrated with subscription data wich resulted in no subscriptions being tracked. Given subscriptions accounted for ~30% of BRAUZZ.'s orders, a large part of their most important conversions were never registered by Meta.

  • Google Analytics 4 data was unreliable due to missing subscriptions, duplicates, and inconsistencies in the GTM tracking data. Overall, the GTM setup was missing >45% of conversions.

  • The BRAUZZ. team was migrating to a new website for Shopify and had to implement all tracking from scratch, and there was no viable way to track subscriptions through Google Tag Manager. Before Converge, this migration would be troubleshooted as a single case that would take >15 hours of custom tracking setup work, and subscriptions would still not be tracked.


  • 100% of conversions, including subscriptions, are accurately tracked in ad platforms (Meta, TikTok, Criteo), resulting in accurate and improved performance metrics such as CPA.

  • GA4 receives accurate, consistent, and deduplicated data, including subscriptions, allowing the team to regain confidence in their analytics.

  • Tracking was automatically migrated and activated without any additional burden on the migration project and without the need for a new GTM setup. The tracking migration which was expected to take >15 hours was now tackled with Converge in 30 minutes and resulted in optimal tracking.

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