How Converge helped Everyday Dose scale by 120% after iOS 14

Everyday Dose is a Shopify Plus brand combining the classic coffee flavor you know and love with functional mushrooms, collagen protein, and nootropics to promote focus, energy, immunity, and gut health.


Meta CPA decrease


Of conversions tracked


Ad spend increase

“As soon as it was set up, Converge helped us improve ad performance and attribution accuracy.”

“As soon as it was set up, Converge helped us improve ad performance and attribution accuracy.”

Jack Savage, Founder & CEO, Everyday Dose.


  • Regular CPA metrics did not provide the needed insights in true Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), making it hard to determine if campaigns were successfully driving new customer growth.

  • Before Converge, Everyday Dose was already using a dedicated tracking provider, but they were missing a significant amount of conversions in Meta, leaving the team with unreliable ad performance metrics.

  • Meta event matching scores were suboptimal, making it difficult for the Meta algorithm to target the right prospects in a cost-effective way.

  • Broken tracking made it hard to optimise ads. The team did not know when to pause unprofitable campaigns or boost those that were actually driving growth.

  • Existing subscribers not automatically excluded from Meta targeting, leading to wasted ad budget and lots of time wasted on manually uploading lists of subscribers.


  • Through a unique Converge configuration, New Customer CPA (NCPA) is now visible in the Meta ads manager, allowing the team to optimize ads based on true CAC.

  • 100% of conversions are tracked and all sales arrive in the Meta ads manager again thanks to Converge server-side tracking.

  • Improved event matching scores thanks to Converge event enrichment by combining server-side data with client-side data, lowering CPA and allowing Meta to optimize better.

  • In-platform Meta performance is reliable again thanks to correct data from Converge, allowing the Everyday Dose team to optimise their media buying and scale faster.

  • Existing subscribers are automatically forwarded to Meta and excluded as an audience, making sure ad budget goes to acquiring new subscribers.

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